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The Asher

Conserving the environment. Envisioning the future.

Erkiletian & Sustainability

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Conserving the environment. Envisioning the future.

Few industries have such a dramatic impact on the environment as the construction, operation and maintenance of real estate. Our founder, Mike Erkiletian, set out to reduce this impact, and established the following principles which still guide our company today: to keep economic growth in harmony with a healthy environment and to remain at the cutting edge of technology while preserving the qualities of life that sustain us all.

Now more than ever, we strive to incorporate the latest innovations and green-building best practices so that future generations can enjoy healthful, balanced living, working and leisure environments. We take seriously our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and uphold the highest standards of sustainability. The Asher is a LEED silver certified building that takes into consideration the following elements.

  • A responsible approach to development
  • Smart planning and construction
  • Ecologically sensitive use of space and materials
  • Energy-efficient fixtures and appliances
  • Water-saving features and plumbing
  • Storm water management
  • Site selection adjacent to mass transit
  • Performance-enhancing building techniques
  • Modern recycling systems
  • Outdoor living: beautifully landscaped plazas and roof terraces using indigenous plant materials

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